About Me

My name is Clara. I am a female pharmacist from America. I was a young girl when my dad lost a long battle to cancer. The experience of this event inspired me to study pharmacy to help find a cure to some of these diseases. Studying pharmacy has enlightened me on the many chronic diseases suffered around the globe and how researchers are making serious efforts to deal with these challenges. My primary goal of creating this website is to educate the public on some of these disease conditions and how they can protect themselves. Some drugs are also created to tackle some of these problems but after many years it may be discovered that these drugs lead to unforeseen side effects and have to be called back. The information on this website is also designed to help the public know when to stop using some previously approved medications.

The world is gradually approaching the antibiotics resistance era. This means that many of the available antibiotics in the market will no longer be effective on some of the deadly diseases. In many developing nations including India, multidrug-resistant tuberculosis is already a threat to many lives in the region. I believe that we can slow down the dawn of through a responsible use of antibiotics. Antibiotics should only be prescribed by a physician and the patient should endeavor to take the drug as directed by the physician.

We all have a role to play in the fight against some of the serious infectious disease conditions. For example, if all the cases of tuberculosis are identified and treated in India it can help to protect the future generations from contracting this disease. People should be enlightened enough for them to see the need to report any health challenge to a physician for proper examination—particularly in developing nations.

I believe researcher have the extra responsibility of properly conducting enough and prolonged human trials on new drugs before they are released into the market. This will help to prevent life-threatening side effects that may arise from the use of certain drugs that may have passed FDA approval.

I am committed to bringing important developments on different health issues to the limelight. I believe many researchers who are passionately seeking for a cure to some of the debilitating health are incapacitated by limited funds. By bringing their works to the limelight, I hope to appeal to the hearts of many individuals and groups out there to support them with funds to enable them to continue their research.

I also look forward to motivating upcoming researchers by highlighting critical research areas begging to be studied. For example, there is limited information on what causes the formation of fibrosis in the lungs or how they are formed. Passionate researchers can take up this task of providing the required knowledge about this disease condition.

Many drug users are not aware that some of the drugs they use have become dangerous to their health. A good example is a rise in the diagnosis of deadly flesh-eating genital infection among men and women resulting from the use of certain drugs meant for the management of type 2 diabetes. I take up the responsibility to speak up and create awareness on some of the drugs that have become harmful to the users to help save the lives of many.

My vision is to be at the forefront of the fight against some of the world deadly diseases like cancer, diabetes, and lung infections as well as create awareness to make people see the need to invest in some of the research working towards the discovery of suitable remedy to some of these diseases.

The rise of drug-resistant tuberculosis and the recent warning of the FDA on the dangerous crypto that are lurking in recreational waters have the tendency to put a dent in our recreational lives as well as negatively affect our relationship with others. We all know that human beings are social animals and we all have the right to outdoor recreation and social interaction.

The only way we can ensure these interactions are not detrimental to us or our friends is by consciously knowing the state of our health and striving to get ourselves treated of any infectious disease.